Standard cupolas that look great.

Below you will find many accessories that are available for our Standard cupolas. You will also see our available color options and finishes. Color charts are also available upon request. They are available in all of our finishes and colors, including solid copper. We make our cupolas out of the same 40 year baked on enamel (not painted after the fact) which means your cupola will look beautiful for years to come. They will not need to be repainted and are impervious to the elements that age and destroy wooden ones.

Standard Cupolas

Chimney cap

Below you will find many different styles of our chimney caps. Chimney Caps can be very simple or very complex in appearance and functionality. We can customize a chimney cap to cover any size or fulfill any look that you need. We offer many colors, styles and finishes including Solid Copper. Ask us about other available options.

Chimney Caps

Flat Pan

Flat Pan is a simple and economical design. Outlet can be placed at any position and dimensions can be completely customized.

Double pan

Double pan are a more elaborate chimney cap. They are more visually appealing and also allow for better protection and more accessories.

Roman Cap

A Roman cap is another example of a custom cap. This one is made of solid copper and is already patina.

A Basket Cap

A Basket Cap is a good example of a more complex design. Can be made to fit any size.

Deluxe Cupolas

Deluxe Custom Cupolas are completely functional. They not only give style to the roof but also help to ventilate. Custom cupolas can be customized in many different ways and can get very complex. Options such as copper finishing and glass are also available. Below you will see some of our examples which show only a few of the vast options available.

Deluxe Cupolas

This is an example of a more complex copper finished cupola. Every detail is handcrafted to meet your exact specifications.

For a more economical approach you can choose simpler options and the cupola will still retain the same functionality.

This deluxe cupola is over 12' high. Any size or combination of accessories can be made.

A solid Copper Cupola with custom panels and side vents.


Weather Vanes

Weather Vanes can be placed on the top. They are used as an ornamental piece to give a better look to the overall structure.

Curved Panels

Curved panels are a great addition to an ornamental piece. They give the top a more professional look. *additional cost


Wiring can be added to cupola vents to prevent unwanted entry by birds and other animals. *additional cost


Vents are a great way to add a professional look to your cupola, on deluxe cupolas these help with ventilation. *additional cost

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